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Braggadar: How many of you who don't like / cannot use / don't want Discord would support a forum-based alternative, but one still based off-site from here? No Discord format, no mobile phone requirements.
I don't know to be honest. I mean the GOG version of the giveaway was never at any risk of being removed from the GOG forums in the first place. It's literally encouraging people to buy gifts from GOG. So given the "trigger" is GOG's recent rule changes of discussion non-GOG stores, it's really only the non-GOG version that needs the off-site discussion.

The two issues seem to be 1. Phone Requirements. A lot of people don't like the sudden need to start giving out private phone numbers to 3rd parties. In fact depending on location / payment method, there are people who've been buying games from GOG for years and not even needed to give GOG itself their phone number, so it does seem weird to start 'needing' it for a 3rd party chat app used once per month for one topic. And 2. Is a 'community' still the same community when it loses it's running theme? ie, is it going to be a place where people discuss GOG related stuff, or just a revolving door for Steam keys where people grab one then vanish for 30 days whilst still calling that "GOG community"...

The other option is of course to not have one centralised giveaway at all. Just have the key donors create their own series of direct giveaways / competitions. Examples from the past:-

If anything this greatly reduces the load on one person administrating them and creates more varied themed giveaways with an actual 'community' feel to them.
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Braggadar: the giveaway could be held elsewhere, and it could even be handled so only members who apply here on the forum could be let into the GA site
mrkgnao: What benefit would it bring over hosting it here?
Moderator rights can be granted to giveaway maintainers. Therefore, multiple maintainers will be able to work in shifts.

In addition, they could attach posts with rules and other important announcements.
Cavalary: the members of that Discord server should be seen as already vetted for eligibility for the GOG giveaway
I don't think, it is fair. In that case Discord users will be in favourable position in comparison to others, who need to maintain their eligibility on regular basis.
Cavalary: As for the start of the month, it may indeed be a good idea for it to be counted from the moment the GA admin posts on the first of the month, to clarify things.
What if maintainer won't be able to post on forums for some time? ( several days, maybe even a week )
ssling: Do we need Non-GOG edition of giveaway?
PixelBoy: It would make things easier to have just one giveaway which has games from any store
It would significantly increase maintainer's workload and require rules to be completely rewritten.

I think, we should keep only GOG giveaway for a while. Non-GOG edition can be restored later, if necessary.
gogtrial34987: I have the impression that there are a lot of people - me being one of them - who have little to no interest in non-gog keys.
I agree.