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In GOG, then i use the community covers for make my own boxes, if game deserves it. I also like to print my own goddies and stuff.
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I prefer turtles , so no physical stuff ending up in their bellies
I certainly don't miss physical media. I used to obsess about making backups so I didn't risk scratching the originals. There were all kinds of hokey things they did with the media that required specialized software to allow you to copy successfully, and sometimes your CD-rom couldn't deal with some of the protection schemes. I

The second issue is installers on the media are locked in time. As permission schemes evolved on windows, installers on physical media broke. I started with GoG way back when they were the only person doing the work of getting old games working properly on newer platforms.

Lastly, it's clutter. I have folders full of the backup copies I made meticulously, all the original cases and boxes, and I can't bring myself to trash them even though I'll never use any of them again and they've literally been in a drawer for years.

There's no one I know that I'd ever imagine opening the drawer and being like "Here's the various games I played years ago" much less put them on display. Nor would I ever think about dealing with the hassle of trying to sell them online.

Ironically, me and my brother were furious about the advent of games on physical media that you couldn't actually install from the CD, at a time when we lived where only dialup was available. Instead it had to be installed via some downloader/launcher or through Steam.
I don't really miss physical media, GOG is perfect for me with DRM free installers. Same with music downloads.

I do still buy movies on disc, because their quality is noticeably better and there's no (legal) DRM free download option or even a decent DRM, it's all streaming and limited authorizations.
I like the physical media in the era that you got an actual manual and they bothered with it, trying to make it presentable and worth putting on your shelf to increase your collection of favorites. But PS4 games have truly disappointed me since the physical editions seem rather cheap compared to PS2 days and I'm not sure whether that's nostalgia speaking or not. Digital games are practical, but I don't like them as a practice because I want to be able to own it physically and be able to put the disc in, install it and then play it right out of the box should something in the unforseeable future happen. GOG is at least better in that regard because it's DRM free, so I make sure I get all that I can on here exclusively.
Physical media - b/c that's mostly all done for me. That way, if there's patches out there - well, you can just use patches and stuff those on a small CD or DVD.

Provided the game doesn't have a zillion patches that need to be done in order and installs need to be done in order for expansions, DLC's, etc - I'm looking at you, NWN2 here....and I bought it on GOG so I could just to the big install of the game w/ all its expansions and DLC's/expansions altogether in one big & easy clip.

Problem is - with so many games using closed systems and not tossing patches on places Fileshack, it's almost now a waste to do that b/c your game-client app likely will update the game in full...and you basically will have to back-up the entire game.

With modern games though - well, sometimes these games can be huge and don't fit on CD's, DVD's, BR's and there really isn't a media format here on PC. Often, I just back 'em up on say external HDD's.

EDIT - I do like GOG's approach for digital with BIN files and EXE's though, especially if it's in its most patched-up state right there.
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Sabolmeister: I like the physical media in the era that you got an actual manual and they bothered with it, trying to make it presentable and worth putting on your shelf to increase your collection of favorites.
There were some manuals that were horrible though, Seven Kingdoms 2 was one I remember vividly, the game concepts explained were mostly from the previous game, the screenshots were of alpha builds and bore little resemblance to the released game (which was a beta build at best).

Was a waste of paper.
Last time I tried to play a game on a physical support, I found out that my Torment: Planescape CD-ROM was scratched and not functioning, so I just rebought it here on GOG. Never even bothered to have a CD/DVD reader on my computers since then. Same goes for music and I went Bandcamp all the way.